Saturday, October 06, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

RIAA sends message...

From the PugBus:

DULUTH, Minn. – The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) prevailed yesterday in its efforts to stamp out copyright infringement by Native American single mothers of two children.

Jammie Thomas, 30, who was found guilty of "musical terrorism" related to alleged online music-sharing activities, now owes the RIAA $222,000 for making twenty-four songs, including Sarah McLachlan's 'Building a Mystery,' available to others via the file sharing network Kazaa. That works out to $9,167 per song or $110,000 per twelve-song CD.

"This verdict sends a message to all Native American single mothers who flout the law," said the RIAA's lead attorney, Richard Gabriel. "No cohort, no matter how small, marginally employed, or strapped for cash, is safe."

Speaking on the courthouse steps following the verdict, Ms. Thomas maintained that she was innocent of all charges.

"Sarah McLachlan's 'Building a Mystery?'" she laughed. "Give me a break. They must have planted that one on my hard drive."

Ms. Thomas' attorney, Richard Bratton, said he planned to appeal the decision.

"This case is a long way from being decided," he said. "By the time this one makes its way through the courts, the price of a CD may well be $110,000."

Of course this piece is a humor piece..but the fact remains the assholes at the RIAA are giddy over this ruling. I hope the appeals courts shoot it down..and thereby shut them the fuck up.

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