Monday, October 29, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Boston sweeps the Rockettes for WS win

Good game, I had hopes that the Rockettes would come back and win so the series would go to 7 games..but sadly it was not to be. In a bit of irony, the NYT calls the BoSox the "premiere team of the millenium".

Boston Redsox win their second World Serious in less than 5 years. Of course thousands of fans hit the streets and lots of them were arrested..Meanwhile the Yank$ haven't won squat in that same amount of time. But the Yank$ did bid adieu to Joe Torre with a terrible offer they knew he wouldn't accept and..

ARod is now a free agent! Who is going to enter the ARod sweepstakes?

Now, its time to concentrate on my craptastic Fantasy Football teams..oh happy, NOT! It's going to be a long-assed winter :(

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