Friday, December 01, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Yes Virginia, Michael Irvin IS retarded.

I just can't believe this fuckwit extraordinaire has a job as a talking head at ESPN. He has the IQ of a blade of grass. Below is the now famous piece of ESPN'S Sunday Morning football pregame show where Tom Terrific asks the big question of Mike: Are you retarded? Before that however, read the newest bs coming out of Irvins' piehole.

Now it seems Irvin has once again come off like the idiot he truely is. On Dan Patrick's radio show Monday, Mikey started waxing poetic about Tony Romo's Dallas' new QB. Mikey had the nads to intimate that Romo must have some African-American in his heritage. Seem's that is the only way Mikey can explain that a white player could possibly be any good. Slate has a decent writeup about this newest faux-paux by America's biggest sports nimrod and why he should get as much heat as Jimmy the Greek did when he made a comment along the same lines many years ago. Jimmy was white of course, and Mikey isn't. The article points out that Trent Lott's gaffe about Strom Thurmond cost him his job, yet sports figures seem to get little heat for their racist remarks,tirades and bad jokes. The Big Lead also has a good writeup that gives you pretty much the entire fiasco from Dan Patricks radio show where Mikey let loose with the Romo bs yesterday. Mikey has of course apologized. Asshole.

Now..lets watch Tom Jackson call Mikey a retard shall we?

4 people gave us their .02 cents:

Bruce said...

Michael Irvin = asshat.

dusty said...

He is beyond asshat..he is a retarded moron that needs to be left in a corner to talk to himself...for the rest of his natural life.

Brad said...

Oh, God! FIRE HIM! He's the most horrible thing on ESPN since fucking Limbaugh. Send his ass to Fox, he'll probably improve that awful pre-game show.

dusty said...

Brad.I don't think anything could improve Fox's pre=game show m'dear :)