Thursday, December 07, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseballs winter meeting wrapup

This is the week when all the GM's and their associates get together in sunny FL. to talk about all things baseball. They also party a lot, drink a lot, and ocassionally get some business done. They re-sign some of their current players, trade for others and sign a free agent or two. They meet and greet the smarmy agents representing the players who are looking for a team to play for. In the case of free agent Barroid Bonds, he actually showed up at the meetings with his current agent, whos name I refuse to utter.

Thats because the market for his services has dried up like a river running through the desert in the heat of summer. Guess the market conditions aren't real good for a 42 yr old slugger who's only goal is to become the home run leader, surpassing Hammerin' Hank Aaron. Bonds only needs 21 homers to tie Aaron. Bonds hasn't played an entire season in over 3 years. He has bad knees..very bad knees, which only really worked for part of the season this year, seeing his Batting avg. drop to a dismal .236 at one point. So Barroid made an appearance. Barroid of course, expects top dollar for his services.

So does a hooker walking the boulevard in any city in the U.S.

Enough on Bonds. There was a grand announcement on the first day of the 4 days of meetings:

Baseball will celebrate it's diversity by holding the Civil Rights Game, a new annual event to celebrate the movement begun in baseball by Jackie Robinson. Its a dumb name imho. Real dumb. Should of named it after the man himself.

Ah baseball, the best players union in the world. Donald Fehr is one helluva negotiator. That minimum salary requirement will rise this year, just as it always does because players so not worth it, will recieve salaries that would feed a small African nation for a year or a huge section of the Domenican Republic.

Yet Alfanso Soriano's new contract pays him more than Albert Pujols. That just ain't right.

4 people gave us their .02 cents:

Bruce said...

Anyone that gets paid more than Pujols is overpayed...

FYI.. in case you hear any rumors of the Cards going after Bonds, it's just that a rumor. Jocketty says no fucking way.

dusty said...

Pujols is GOD as we all he has a personality unlike Soriano, and a team player.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I am not happy about is the Snow is coming back to the Giants but not as a player. I would rather him play one more year and retire as a Giant but it won't happen.

As for Barry - played out - sick and tired of him. I like him as a player but he's old and worn; he needs to go.

dusty said...

But Bella, JT has been breaking down the last couple of years...he was good when he was healthy..old age..the scourge of athletes.