Tuesday, December 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Wife shoots husband..over warm beer, and other bullshit of non-interest to normal folk.

Funny, but I don't get why the beer was warm..they had a snow storm for christ's sake..but here goes, courtesy of Deadspin and STL today:

ST. LOUIS: Warm beer led to killing, police say


A St. Louis man was shot to death Sunday night over a warm beer, police said.

St. Louis police say a woman shot her husband, who was about 70 years old, four to five times in the chest after he tried giving her a warm can of Stag beer.

Police said the wife admitted shooting him about 5:40 p.m. in the kitchen of their home in the 5100 block of Terry Avenue. Police said the home had no electricity at the time.

Homicide detectives would not identify the man. The woman, whom police also did not identify, was taken into custody.

If you have ever had a Stag beer..you would understand why she shot him folks..

Now, for my shit.

The past week was bad from a fantasy perspective. I started out in the toilet and stayed there all the way thru Monday. Baseball hasn't made it any better so far. Manny won't be leaving Boston for San Diego..damn it all to hell. Neither apparently will Barry Zito. That fuckwit said publicly he wanted to go to SD..wtf happened? I will tell you..that tightassed owner most likely. God forbid that sumbitch drop some money on a decent fucking pitcher..John Moores..kiss my hairy ass you worthless bag of batshit. And tell that George Hamilton-tanned dipshit GM to suck eggs too.

Other than that..I am contemplating drinking alot for the remainder of the week..unless you my dear reader have another suggestion.

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Bruce said...

I just don't get people... as fucked up as I am, shit like that wouldn't even cross my mind.

It sounds like the Pads are getting the old goat Greg Maddux, according to published reports. The Cards signed Carpenter to an extension through 2011, and look to be the front-runner for Schmidt. Amazing what a World title will do for your bank book, huh?

Seamus said...

Drinking for the rest of the week? Just don't drink any warm Stag!!!!
Methinks they probably another issue or two! ;)

S. R. said...

Final straw.

anon said...

> Funny, but I don't get why the beer was warm.

All the more reason to shoot the asshole. Had it been summer, it'd at least be understandable. Serving a warm beer in a winter blackout, though, sounds downright premeditated.

dusty said...

Of course it was premeditated..the man was pissed she was drinking his beer anon!

Seamus, only skyy vodka and raspberry cream soda for moi :)

SR..of course it was the last straw..could you blame her?

B..its sad but its funny as hell when you take the story at face value but leave the death out of the equation..

anon said...

> Amazing what a World title will do for your bank book, huh?

Also: the opposite.

dusty said...

I do not hold Soriano in high regard anon, evidently the Yanks felt he was expendable.

Bruce said...

Well, Schmidt decided to sign with Da Bums, and stay on the West Coast. Eh... n o big shock.

dusty said...

B..its the silly season in baseball..too many avg players get huge contracts they will never live up to..

Buyer beware!

Bruce said...

Oh I know. 'Tis no big deal.