Friday, December 15, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Another year older, and deeper in debt...

My gift to the two folks that actually drop by and read this stuff is the best young blues player in the business, Joe Bonamassa. Listen to him, enjoy him because my happy ass will be traveling to hear him gratis next wed and thurs in Vegas! The ball and chain always takes me to Vegas for my birthday...truth is, I hate Vegas. But I go to listen to good music and my man Joe will be playing there for free two glorious nights! Enjoy his music, there is another tune of his up on my political blog if you want some more of his riffs..Somewhere in that 27 year old body is a old black bluesman..HERE is an awesome version of "Burning Hell" off Joe's website.

Interesting that its in b&w..because like I said..he plays like an old bluesmaster from the 50's.

Edit: Ok, my ass has been up since 3am. The back is being a bitch, god I fucking hate it..but hey..I got to watch the sun set, the moon rise and the fog roll quietly in for another year. I am grateful for that, really I am. I am grateful for another year of Padres baseball, my cats and 2 dogs..even if those fuckers will drive me to drink on occasion.and pick me up if I get drunk as the proverbial skunk. :P

Ok, so its 6am now..time to crank some Allman Bros.

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Anonymous said...

Rant on other site. But again, PARTY 'till you can't see anymore.
(((head cocked to one side, hand in the air))) YOU GO, GIRL!!!

Seamus said...

Love this!!!!!
Sorry your back's being a bitch - rock out to the Allman Bros. - even if it,s a virtual rock out! :)

Anonymous said...

Well now. THAT was certainly worth stopping in for!

For the past couple of weeks I've been getting ripped on tequila and fine smoke and rediscovering Son House and Robert Johnson - I didn't know life could be so grand. There oughta be a law agin' it. (Oh wait, there is!)

Seriously, I may borrow this for my blog. It was damn good.

dusty said...

Of course do have good taste darlin' :)