Friday, December 29, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Is Barry Zito worth over $100 mil.. fact, Hell no.

His numbers for the last 3 years say that, not me. Lets review Zito's numbers since 2004 shall we?

Complete games-0
Shut Outs-0
Lowest ERA-3.83 for 2006
Win/Loss record- 2004-11-11, 2005-14-13, 2006-16-10

Sportsline ranks Zito as 17th best pitcher for the last season, yet Zito is now the highest paid pitcher in MLB.

But he is a lefty..jesus christ, when will baseball teams value pitchers by their worth, not by which arm they pitch with? A starting pitcher only pitches once every five days but this contract rivals a recent contract given to Toronto's Vernon Wells, a center fielder and pretty decent hitter who plays every day.

It should also be noted that Zito's agent is Scott Boras. Scott is god's gift to baseball players..even those not worth the money Scotty gets them. Like Kevin Brown and Chan Ho Park to name two. Good read up on the Chron about Boras here.

It gets harder to love the game of baseball with contracts like Zito' really does. That kind of money for someone that only plays every 5th day..fucking amazing.

6 people gave us their .02 cents:

Jenn said...

What. Are. You. Talking. About?



Seamus said...

I don't think anyone is worth $100 mil ... 'cept me! ;)

dusty said...

Seamus m'dear..of course your worth every penny :P

Jenn..bitch..I have missed you so! :)

S. R. said...

The Giants had to do something after losing their ace Schmidt. Who the heck else were they going to pitch, Lowry and Hennessey as their aces? 100 losses anyone?

Bruce said...

Everyone has overpayed for FA this off-season, and when Scott Boras is your agent, you'll get really overpayed.

dusty said...

SR..I know you are a giants fan..but that stole my man Bochy..may they rot in eternal hell :)

B...Boras is the anti-christ!