Thursday, December 21, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Last night in Vegas..

The man, the myth, the wonder of blues guitar. Joe opened his set apologizing for blowing off last nights show. He was in the final throes of a bad cold. It was obvious by his congestion and constantly blowing his nose..but his guitar playing didn't suffer. Here are some of my shitty pics..christ, I wish I could learn to use that damn camera.

He ended the set with "Asking 'round bout You" . It's so Ray Charles sounding, that tune..I would say it was well worth the trip from Bakersfield to see my man Joe play. Back to Cali in the morning..long ass drive that it is....night all..going down for some grub and then hit the sack.

there is more here at my flickr site.

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Seamus said...

First of all your pics AREN'T shitty - in fact they are quite good. Trying to photograph anything on stage is a challenge for the best of them.
Safe travels!