Wednesday, December 20, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

It's freaking freezing in Las Vegas!

I had an idea it was going to be cold when I saw snow on the ground for the last 90 minutes of our drive. A beautiful but strange site in the Mohave desert and surrounding mountains.

Ok, so when I arrived in the town known as sin was 43 degrees. Seriously, it was 43 friggin degrees at 4pm. As I write this, at 5:46am..its a balmy 34 degrees. This just ain't right folks!

Did someone move the Vegas Strip to northern Canada? WTF is this crap? When we got all our luggage up to the room, the ball and chain waltzed over to the window, looked down at the pool and said..gee, no one is swimming.

Well no shit sherlock, these pools aren't heated, and only an idiot would be swimming when its its in the low 40's outside.

The high today is expected to be..ready for it? 49 degrees.

The casino is kept very warm..too damn warm in my opinion. I am used to being able to hang meat in my living room, The ball and chain keeps the thermostat on 60, not because he is saving the environment, because he is a cheap sob. In my office it's always warmer..but jeez..not as warm as the casino.

So, I plunked down a $20 bill, shoved it into the poker machine as I talked up Pat, my favorite bartender who always remembers my drink of choice: Grey Goose and soda, two limes. I run it up to $60 bucks in a matter of, this might be a good trip. I watch the basketball game, having the power to command what is on each of the 6 tv channels at the bar..Pat is such a dear, and besides he knows I tip well. I flirt with the $100 range for awhile on the poker machine, finding out all the newest gossip here, watching the Lakers and rooting for them to lose. Pat keeps those drinks a-coming..christ, I have to tell him I need a breather..I am not longer able to sling them back with the rest of em as I did when I was a young drunkard. When the trip to the bathroom becomes an exercise of putting one foot in front of the other, I announce to the ball and chain its time to get some grub.

Oh, the poker machine...I ended up with $50 bucks. Not bad for a $20 investment and all the Grey Goose I could drink.

The temperature is still 34 degrees. Why did I bring my bathing suit? Why did I envision a nice lil tan? I ain't going anywhere near the damn pool, much less outside unless an extreme emergency arises...I forgot to bring my snow boots and parka.

As for today, some more booze, some more gambling and a lot of loud blues with Joe Bonamassa.

5 people gave us their .02 cents:

The Stiltwalker said...

long time no holla! I'll be in Vegas March. Hope its nice and comfy for all the pimping I plan on doing...

Mike K said...

Yowzers! That is freaking cold. It is actually warmer right now in Jersey!

dusty said...

Stilt..they will be ready for you..I told em you were coming..

Mike..Thats down right pathetic..warmer in Jersey!

Anonymous said...

It's about 70 here in SC, Dusty. But still would trade you places.

dusty said...

Yeah anon..I bitch..but its nice to be pampered and get drunk for gratis :)

I can watch anything I want in the sports world..its all at my is good.