Saturday, March 19, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor can be so time consuming..

it takes a remarkable amount of time to get thru the day..and at the end ...there is still so much shit to do for gods sake..i mean really..if you have planned your day i usually try to do..and you get maybe half of it accomplished...was your day a failure? is this question similar to the glass half empty vs. half full bullshit? it drives me up a friggin wall if i plan my work schedule for the day and then find there is no way in hell to accomplish it since the ball and chain throws his fat ass into the equation and totally screws me i shouldnt blame the ball and chain.afterall, its not his fault hes a dipshit extrodinaire..some men just are i guess..i had no idea he was a dipshit when i moved in with him and frankly, by the time i figured it out..i had left my job and my place in san it was too late to do anything about his dipshittyness..i had to learn to live with it or start over again..where was i?...oh yeah..getting everything done in a day..its impossible for me...i try very hard to stick to my schedule but its question is...should i freak out and stress over it..or just say screw it and learn to deal with the harsh reality that i will NEVER make a schedule that i will stick to. i am very lucky..i do NOT actually have to complete everything i set out to do..i have a job that gives me the freedom to do it when i feel like it..which is usually in the middle of the night when my nocturnal being kicks in..shit..i should be working now..not blogging for christs sake..lata folks :

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