Sunday, March 20, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The Infamous Baseball Hearings..

Let me preface this by saying I WATCHED ALL 11 HOURS OF THIS SHIT.

Congress needs to either shit or get off the pot on the roids issue. Stop wasting our money on dog and pony shows. The press has kept this in the forefront for the last few years and I commend them for that. We are all very familiar with roids and cheating now as a result. Congress needs to give baseball a deadline to improve its testing policy and if that fails, inact a policy for them. ITs not rocket science. The anti-trust exemption makes baseball a target for this kind of legislation and thats too bad because i hate gov't being involved in private business matters. I would rather find Osama then sweat whether big mac got a shot in the ass in the A's shitter by canseco or if barry and jason played footsie w/the guys at balco. Thats all water under the bridge, time to concentrate on the present and future of the sport i love.

The whole friggin fiasco called the "Hearings" did nothing to further the cause of stronger testing. The senators did make selig and the boys look like major morons, which is a step in the right direction..PUBLIC HUMILATION of a bunch of rich guys always makes for great entertainment in my book. Bud Selig telling us over and over again about being in baseball for "40 years" does NOT improve my opinion of him or his tenure in office. Big Mac looking like he was either gonna puke or cry did not impress me one iota. Neither did he feeble attempt to take the fifth whenever he was asked a legitimate question. Canseco is a NON-ISSUE..the man is a complete idiot, he's been busted for more stupid shit than anyone I can think of at the moment. Schillling towing the company line showed he will have a great future in politics. Palmiero sounded like he was there to promote his own personal agenda by saying over and over he never did roids..The DONALD(Fehr) refusing to give anyone a straight answer which is what he's paid to do by the Players Association. The only one that was interesting was Sandy Alderson, and his give and take with several of the only intelligent sounding senators on the panel.

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Rat In A Cage said...

Hey, Dusty. I laughed reading your blog on baseball. I sat in another 2 hour commute tonight to go 34 miles (thanks to the rain). I heard about Barry Bonds on the way home so fired off a letter to MLB while I was cooking dinner. I mailed it out & am here listening to an old Blues album by Jimmy Witherspoon. I was just signing on to cut and paste the comments of my letter when I saw your comments. I thought you might get a kick out of it if you want to check back. I think I may be a long the same wavelength, but decided to toss is some stupidity with it to see if anyone would write back. I was behind a nut this morning that had his whole car shaking as he played the air drums at a red light. I was laughing watching him. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi & share the freaky coincidences of my evening's overlay with your profile.