Thursday, March 24, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

OH SWEET barry bonds friggin nuts?

The man has the nads..albeit small ones(due to his steriod use) actually say to a reporter..its HIS fault barrys life currently sucks pond scum...Laughing my ever loving ass off on this one buddy!!! Barry bonds..the guy that tried to get his child support payments lowered during the first baseball strike on the grounds his income was currently non-existant by no fault of his own..Yes folks..THAT barry bonds..will this nimrod mutha fucka ever take responsibility for his actions and the results of those actions? If he hadn't been so damn friendly with the boys over at BALCO, he wouldn't have most of the problems he currently has going on in his life..oh yeah..and the girlfriend saying he took roids..guess ya didnt pay her off barry..seeing as how your a flagrant "tightass" money wise..i can totally understand...Course..i dont know if i believe the girl anyway..unless she saw his brown ass moon over the baybridge with a needle in it, i tend to dismiss her bullshit remarks..anyways..i digress..back to barry blaming the press for his miserable existance..o..and making his kid cry ..jeez..give me a break.what kind of kid are you raising there barry? a pansy? hes crying over what? that you fucked around or cheating your ever loving ass off getting the homerun record? I dont see as how any of its worth crying about..unless someone is kicking his ass around the playground at school over thats worth crying would be an absolute BITCH to go to school every day and some big fat kid whos dad drinks a 12 pack every nite whilst watching baseball, kicks your ass just so he can go home and tell his daddy he kicked barry bond's kids' ass for him..thats the kinda shit worth crying about..course if it was me, I would tell the kid to do one of two things..sign up for a self defense class..or make friends with some big bozos of your own so THEY can protect your ass...paying them off is a good idea..but since barry IS a tightass financially, the kid probably gets shit for an allowance..

I fail to see how bonds can blame the press for his problems..they just report the news they dont make it..if it was lies he could sue their asses off..we arent talking about some scumbag "national enquirer" type mag..we are talking major newspapers..that put their reputation on the line every time they publish..i really dont see as how their reporting could be blamed for bonds problems..i think his candy ass caused his own problems..he is now going to lay low for a year or so in hopes that like robert blake..peoples minds will somehow forget or gloss over what he has done and how he did it. I mean..really..blake just drug his shit out for years..people got numb to the trial and the cold blooded murder of his wife...barry is hoping for the same acquittal of all charges..what charges you ask? thats hes got the iq of a dandelion for taking roids and also pissing off a former girlfriend. you never piss off a former girlfriend..not one that can screw you blue brother..thats what my daddy used to call "Felony Dumb". btw..daddy was a correctional officer for the Feds..not that it matters..just explains the saying i guess..

barry is alot like my "ball and chain"...he blames everyone but himself for his misfortunes..dont ya just love guys like that?

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Rat In A Cage said...

You should be writing for the New York Post. You have the exact wit those writers have. The paper is a rag, but the sports sections is out of this world. Millions of NYers read it daily & they would eat up your stories. I don't think that they have any sort of write to the editror column, but you should send your work in to the sports editor & get a job there. I can see everyone on the trains laughing at your wit as you nail the story right on the head. Good job.

Yes, I was picture happy. I was too tired to barely keep my eyes open but wanted to use my fleeting breaths to lodge some sort of inane protest.