Wednesday, March 30, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

I would make a deal with the devil to get them back..

I commented on another blog earlier..and it made me remember one of my favorite times in my life..when I quit my high paying job and took a job waitressing at a sports bar. It was the best of times for me. I love sports like nothing else and i love the laughter of good friends so working in a sports bar seemed like the best of all worlds..and it was! I was somewhat of a "know it all" when it came to baseball, and I would be slaving away, slinging god knows what meal when..someone would yell from the bar area.."dusty, who's leading in homers in the AL right now?" or some such stupid nonsense..I took pride in giving the correct answer and settling some little score between friends.

When i got off work around 10pm, all i had to do was pull up a stool and sit with my friends..god i loved that job. I didnt have to be to work till 6pm the next night, so i of course closed the bar most nights i worked. I had either friday or saturday night off, which i would the bar..on sundays i worked a double shift..started for breakfast and didn't get off until 4pm..when i would once again..pull up a bar stool and watch what ever was in or football..with my friends..

I would still be working that lowly job..if the owner hadn't sold the damn place to someone that turned it into a sushi bar!! now i like sushi..but jesus..what sacrilege! I ended up going back to a real job..the 9 to 5 kinda know..the kind of job that stresses you out, shortens your life, and sometimes turns people into alcoholics..i miss that simple life..i miss having a job you left at work, a job where the only stress was when someone was pissed about their food order or their drink.I miss the comraderie.. we even opened the bar on thanksgiving and christmas so the friends without families had somewhere to go for the holidays..everyone making part of the holiday meal, the owner charging only cost for the booze drank that day. Funny thing is..MY family lived in town, but i spent it at the bar with my friends. That was an idylic two years..I would trade my soul to get them back..but we can never go back..we can only remember and cherish those i am doing tonight..they make me smile those days..god how i miss them..but at least I HAD THEM..some people never have a job they love..ever.

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