Saturday, March 26, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Its that time of year..

When masochists like myself look forward to...FANTASY baseball season. Now, I used to love baseball just for itself..but now..its FANTASY season as well..I have twice as many reasons to watch every game televised and pour over the stats for pitchers and batters. The ball and chain doesn't appreciate this part of my persona, he plays along to a certain extent, he has two teams to my twelve..or is it wait..ITS FUCKING 14 TEAMS!!!!

Jesus christ, what in the blue hell was I thinking..I have been known to have 12 teams max in any given fantasy season..and usually I was commishing at least half of them..but 14? I am a sick bitch..plain and simple.

This year, I deceided to only commish one team..its alot of work and frankly i hate putting up w/peoples pissing and moaning. I want to tell them all to fuck off by mid season. shut up and play for gods sake ya fucking whiner. Anyways..just one league I am running..i was trying to cut down..then..the PAY leagues started up..and one friend pays for the whole league so..YOU can not turn down a pay league that SOMEONE else pays for..its downright unsportsmanlike to do i get all those neato nifty stat tracker thingys for gratis..i have never had them for a whole season..maybe my odds will increase..lord knows I have to win at least ONE friggin league with this many going....well, i better anyways..whats funny is that i am playing against mostly the same folks in all the leagues, with the exception of the couple of yahoo public leagues...those folks usually suck..back to my friends..the only difference in the leagues is the type (roto vs head to head) and the stats that are used...but basically its the same group of nimrods I play with every year..god love em..they keep me

I have to lobby each and every commissioner to use the "Holds" stat..i firmly believe that MLB is fucking up by not keeping track of this stat...i mean..the poor middle relievers have no stat of their own..its unamerican i say..anyways..i usually get my way and the stat is included..a couple guys dont just to piss me off..or because they dont use stats the MLB doesnt yet count...its my pet peeve(amoungst millions of pet peeves).

As the season will start any day now...(PRAISE JESUS!)...i am coming to the realization that i have a shitload of teams to take care of AGAIN. How do i get roped into so many teams..i know..i just cant say no to someone about baseball. i live for baseball..well that and music , the occasional well made cocktail and last but certainly not least....taking a great shot with my camera...i forgot what i was talking about..oh fantasy leagues..once again..i over did it with the teams..its gonna be a long season..sigh..

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Bruce said...

I can see it's gonna be a very long summer...;-)

Rat In A Cage said...

You're completely psychotic. I thought I was maybe nuts looking into the game cast thing on so I could watch a bunch of Yankees games this year. I always make the trek to see the Yankees spank the Angels & this year I am going to NY to see them whallop the Sox. However, in comparison to you I am a total light weight. I have a friend who does that, but I think "just" two teams. While living in NY, a bunch of us went to the "spring training" meeting or whatever they called it to pick the guys, etc. We went to Jersay to this fancy hotel & after about 5 minutes of watching the insanity the rest of us went & hit the pool / bar. You're nuts, but in a more interesting way than many of my other nutty friends. Good luck.

Rat In A Cage said...

I'm having Dusty withdrawal. Where the heck are you? Hopefully, not on the side of the road hitch hiking. Hurry back.