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McNamee has physical evidence on Clemens..

I report, you decide..Per The Sports Network:

New York, NY (Sports Network) - The Roger Clemens steroid controversy has reportedly taken another turn that could damage the star pitcher's claims that he has never taken performance-enhancing drugs.

According to a report by the New York Daily News, Brian McNamee, Clemens' former personal trainer, has turned over physical evidence to federal investigators that could support the findings in the Mitchell Report.

"This is evidence the government has that we believe will corroborate Brian in every significant way," McNamee lawyer Earl Ward told the Daily News.

McNamee's attorneys did not tell the paper the exact nature of the evidence, but the Daily News cited a source close to McNamee as saying investigators are now in possession of vials with traces of steroids and growth hormone, as well as blood-stained syringes and gauze pads that may contain Clemens' DNA.

Clemens gave a closed-door deposition to Congress on Tuesday, in preparation for next Wednesday's public hearing, and emerged from the five-hour session by saying "it was great to be able to tell them what I've been saying all along -- that I never used steroids or (human) growth hormone. I look forward to being here, I guess, in this room next week."

McNamee is slated to give a private deposition to Congress on Thursday, at which time he will likely talk about the alleged physical evidence.

"We will provide Congress with corroborative physical evidence that takes this case out of the he-said, she-said purview," another McNamee lawyer, Richard Emery, told the Daily News. "From our point of view, this corroborates that Brian told the truth from Day One and Clemens has not."

Here is the link to the NY Daily News piece referenced in the Sports Network piece.

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