Sunday, February 24, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Koufax visits with Pedro.

Wow-freaking-wee. He told the Dodgers to kiss off a few years back. They treated him shabbily as I recall..but I am in awe of Sandy Koufax.

I remember listening to Dodger games as a kid. Him and Don Drysdale were one helluva combination. A lot like RJ and Curt on the Dbacks World Series winning team. I lived in AZ when they won that. Best WS I had ever seen. But I digress..

Mr. Koufax visited with Pedro Martinez this week. I would of loved to of been a bag of rosin on that pitchers mound.

I have no love for Pedro..arrogance, thy name is Pedro Martinez. Hope he picked Koufax's brain.

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