Friday, January 11, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Et tu Barry?

Could Barroid Bonds expect this length of sentence if and when he is convicted of lying to federal investigators over the same BalCo investigation as Ms. Jones?

The former Olympic track gold medalist was sentenced to six months in prison Friday for lying to investigators about using performance-enhancing drugs and her role in a check-fraud scam.

The money quote from maid Marion: "I ask you to be as merciful as a human being can be,"

Judge could of gave her longer. From Da Judge: He said Jones damaged two federal investigations with lies that came years apart, so "I don't think the criminal conduct can be written off as a momentary lapse of judgment or a one-time mistake, but instead a repetition of an attempt to break the law."

Sucks to be you Ms. Jones...hopefully Barroid was paying attention.

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