Monday, November 19, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Norv Turner you suck dude..

The only way I can explain the fact that Phillip Rivers looks like shit this year is the change in head coach and plays being run..what else could it be that is turning Rivers into the biggest bust of the season after last years numbers..

Which ever fuckwit picked Norv-the loser-Turner to lead the Chargers...he/she/it should be tied behind a truck and dragged down I-5 all the way to L.fucking A. Then bury his/her/it's ass in the middle of the field at the Coliseum.

Not to .500, the Chargers still lead their division..sick huh?

Finally, an agent gets sacked..and its Boras no less! Kenny Rogers has shown Boras the door and said he wants to stay in Detroit. I root for Detroit baseball..dunno why, but I always do. It would be nice for that team to stay consistent an entire freaking season.

And I always root for Kenny Rogers..ol' fart that he is.

Back to Football..anyone see the bizarro ending of the Browns/Ravens game? craptastic indeed!

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