Monday, November 12, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Mundane Monday...

The Chargers looked like shit last night..but then Indy did too. Peyton Manning probably pissed down both legs after tossing his 6th interception of the night..A New Record for ol Peyton folks! The Chargers should be down right embarrassed to lead their division with a craptastic 5-4 record.

My football fantasy teams did ok..thanks for asking.

This week in baseball, we will find out who wins the NL and AL ROY, The Cy, Manager of the year and league MVP. They will spread this news out over the course of the whole friggin week..bastids.

Oh, and that wanker A-Rod might join Joe Torre in the wearing of Dodger Blue. I know..I laughed about that one as well. He will fit right in with all the other freak shows in L.A won't he? This info is from Torre himself, so only God knows how authentic it is.

That's it for a Mundane Monday..

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