Monday, November 05, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Andy Reid is getting a raw deal..

Come on people, his sons were adults for Christ's sake. If anyone has an adult child..and I know that you can not control anything they do. You also know that if you try to inject your beliefs and reasoning into their lives they tell you to fuck off.

That the NFL would even consider league sanctions for the actions of Reid's adult kids is fucking outrageous. Its fuckwitted in the truest sense of the word.

I am tired of the press inventing issues. I am tired of the bullshit and bravado they spew in order to sell their wares.

Were Reid's kids bastards of the highest order? Oh hell yeah they were. Do they deserve jail time? Probably, its not my call. One of his hellions..Brett I think, pointed a gun at someone. Did that fuckwit know what that means, to point a gun at someone? Probably not.

Surely his kids were spoiled brats..I give them that..but no one made those guys do what they did to get the sentences they got. No one.

So leave Andy alone. He has his own personal demons to deal isn't a sunday walk in the fucking park when your adult "kid" goes off the deep end..and this I know from personal experience. Thing is..I left home at now a days suck off the parental tit as long as they can.

Its all a mess, to be sure..but do not hold Andy responsible for the actions of his kids..they knew exactly wtf they were doing, and I am sure if they had gone to Andy and asked for help he would of moved mountains to get them straightened out.

But they didnt'..and now they pay the price.

Leave Reid the hell alone and find someone else to bash Mr. Judge and evidently jury. Get the fuck off your high and mighty perch and deal with the issues that today's children face..and the parents that love them try their best to deal with.


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