Wednesday, November 21, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Those are some pricey pooches eh Vick?

The prosecutor in Vick's federal case is asking the judge to set aside almost a million large to pay for the care and feeding of the 50+ dogs removed from Vick's VA estate. In the request, the prosecutor cites that Vick's earnings potential has taken hit and he has plenty of creditors going after what little he has left. The SI writeup also lists other creditors that want their pound of flesh. Here is Jon Stewarts take on Vick:

The Phillies Jimmy Rollins beat out Matt Holliday for NL MVP Tuesday. I really thought Matty was a sure thing..but that said..there isn't a sure thing in voting or sports is there?

I asked the question Monday; WTF is wrong with Philip Rivers? Guess I ain't the only one asking that question. The SI writeup rips Norvie a new one six ways from Sunday; When the San Diego Chargers hired Norv Turner to be their head coach, they had to know that he lacked charisma, leadership skills, motivational abilities and the winning touch. But they could be sure that he was qualified for the job in at least one respect: He understood how to develop a young quarterback as well as anybody.

As I posted this week on one of my fantasy teams bulletin boards..I do hate Norvie with every fiber of my being. Wonder if I offered Schottenheimer a bj if he would consider coming back to coach the Chargers...probably not.

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