Wednesday, November 22, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

What? the MVP is who?

Since most folks assumed Jeter was going to get the AL MVP..I wasn't paying attention when the winner was announced yesterday.

Jeter didn't get it..Justin Morneau did.

Morneau received 15 first-place votes, eight seconds, three thirds and two fourths for 320 points in voting by a panel of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Jeter finished with 12 firsts, 14 seconds, one fourth and one sixth for 306 points.

I love diversity..and this award did make me smile. Not because Jeter lost, but because a guy who started the season batting a paltry .236 won it. He finished the season with some great numbers; a batting average of .321, 34 homers and 130 RBI's..

Good for you Justin. Ya did good kid.

5 people gave us their .02 cents:

Chick said...

I'm happy that Jeter didn't get it (just did a cartwheel)...a Twin & not a yankee...yay...yay...yay.

Hey...if my Papi can't win it...I'm happy a guy like Morneau did.

Happy Thanksgiving.

dusty said...

Well, I was trying to take the high road Chicklet..but yeah..its cool as shit a Yank didn't get it :P

S. R. said...

C'mon man, Papi's gotta get it sometime. He is the ehart of the BoSox.

Seamus said...

Yay for sleepers!

Happy Thanksgiving Dusty!

dusty said... would hope Papi would get one..and the Beantown boyz will win another World Serious in my lifetime :)

Seamus, you wonderful,compassionate person..I am thankful for having you as a blog bud :)