Tuesday, November 14, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

hello, how the hell are ya?

I have been ignoring this blog for months. I post sports because I don't want to actually think, but figure I needed to put something up for the 50 folks that still stop by every day..god, people..GET A LIFE!!!

Just kidding about getting a life..

The election is over, and I am taking a break from informing the world about all the bullshit put upon us by the current administration. My brain is fried on politics. I got enough shit to deal with..like the 3 discs that are gone in my back, and other assorted things.

My blog bud John aka John Q. Public, has moved from Indiana to Phoenix...god knows why..but it just goes to show I haven't kept up on my non-political blogs in forevah! I want to enjoy some life, read some funny and/or interesting blogs that have nothing to do with politics..I need to get back into the swing of life.

So, consider this a new page, a new day, and perhaps this blog will contain funny stuff again, as well as the strange and friggin weird stuff than I am known and loved for..at least by the freaks of the world..

Until I get going..this is the best you get today. I have to quit reading political shit and start reading funny stuff again..its going to be tough, But..I know I can do it..life is too short and the Dem's better not fuck it up now that they have control of both houses come January!

BBL freaks..have a good day. Afterall, your dumb ass could get hit by a beer truck and make your significant other,or closest relative very rich... tata for now :)

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I too am sick of politics.

Seamus said...

Yay! She's back among the weird and funny! :)

dusty said...

We need to let the politicians politic for awhile Blue :)

Seamus, I heart your crazy ass ;P

S. R. said...

Hmm, I never thought that this blog had went stale.

dusty said...

To me it was SR..most of my energy went towards the political blog.

jagular said...

Oh come now. Seriously.
You know that you want to go over there right now and blog about Trent Lott being elected Whip. You know you want to. Trent Lott. Whip. Elected.
You know you want to go blog about the power struggle in the Democratic party. Will Murtha win out? What will this do for Nancy Pelosi?
You know you want it.

But no. Too much funny stuff in the world.

dusty said...

Jag..you meanie :P

Its like a crack addict for me. And you just waved the pipe in front of my face..that sweet smell..damn you!

jagular said...

Now how was that mean?
I was just saying that there are a lot of funny things in the world.
Crack addict, huh?
(note to self...)


ps. Now that the Democrats are back in control, will they finally admit that Gore really did lose Florida?

dusty said...

I was comparing my addiction to politics with those of a crackaddict dear man. :P

If you haven't seen "Hacking Democracy" on HBO..you need to..it convinced me even more that FL was stolen from Gore. If you don't get HBO, its on YouTube.

jagular said...

I was mostly just trying to get your goat. I know what a good political addiction is like.
The line about Gore was just the meanest thing I could come up with off the cuff, that's all.

dusty said...

Jag..I am aware of why you picked gore..you know I want him to run. I have this wicked thing for him :P