Friday, December 21, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Bonds attorneys might have conflict of interest

Not that it breaks my lil black heart one damn bit, but there it is:

The judge called the hearing to decide whether the lawyers can still work for Bonds even though they previously represented other athletes who testified in the government's investigation into performance-enhancing drugs.

In court papers made public Thursday, federal prosecutors identified Bonds' new attorney, Cris Arguedas, as having represented disgraced track star Tim Montgomery and football players Chris Cooper, Chris Hetherington and Tyrone Wheatley, all of whom testified before the grand jury.

In addition, lead attorney Allan Ruby represented Bonds' personal surgeon, Dr. Arthur Ting, when he was called before a grand jury.

"Dr. Ting is likely to be a witness for the government at trial," the government's court filing stated.

Poor Barroid..he just can't catch a break can he? tsk..tsk..

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