Wednesday, December 05, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Detroit rocks with trade

Frankly, I couldn't believe that any other team didn't try to muscle in on this deal. Miggy and Dontrelle to the Tigers is a win-win for those boyz in D-town. The Marlins got some prospects and an old catcher..of course the owner of the Marlins got even more..his total team payroll will now be roughly 10% of that of the Yank$..god knows that fuckwit only cares about the cash that lands in his pocket. If Jeffrey Loria could be hog-tied and drug behind a truck for 3000 miles..I think you would find some very happy baseball fans in Marlin-ville.

The Padres might be willing to cough up $52 Million to make Jake Peavy happy. I really can't believe that since the owner, John Moores, is a notorious tightass and the fuckwit known as Kevin Towers seems to enjoy picking up worthless players off the waiver wire and telling the fans that he got a fabulous deal for a worthwhile player..

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