Thursday, February 22, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Fenway park and me.

I am in a lot of fucking pain today, its dreary,cold,windy and rainy. I have spent most of my day in and out of bed under the influence of some very powerful pain and muscle relaxer type pills, since I also got 3 epidurals this morning..its been one helluva day...

My knees hurt too. They aren't part of my usual pain ritual. Its my back with its missing discs and my hip...but I digress...

I remembered the last time my knees hurt that bad. It was mid 70's, I lived in Boston, the Fenway area to be exact..its known as The Fen's to the locals as I recall. In the winter I developed a condition in my knees known as Clondromaylasia Pitella. Or some fucking shit..anyway..

In the drark and horrid New England winters you go for weeks without seeing the fucking sun. It sucks moose balls. I couldn't work, I wouldn't walk and going to the shitter presented its own problems. So I sat in the dark usually medicated up to my brown eyes, and I stared at Fenway all its glorious splendor. I was in the highest bldg around, the top floor, corner apt and fucking awesome.

There were no other buildings between me and the BallPark and there I was on the 8th floor. The distance was about a quarter of a mile and it overlooked the actual park ofthe original Fenway Park..its was small,with a french-looking arch, don't get excited. I could hear the crowds and the crack of the bat, I could also see just a wee part of the inside of the ball park as well. I remember staring at the giant Gasoline sign, i forget the brand, I AM medicate remember.. I loved it in the summer, I always got goose bumps when I heard the crack of the bat and waited to see if it was the homeboys or the visitors, you could tell by the fans response of course. But again, I digress..hey its the meds ok?

SO, in the winter, it was dark and bleak, almost like the view was in black and white really. So I would spend sometimes hours looking at The ballpark. I would take pics, I would look thru the binoculars.

So I saw the view there in my minds eye today, and it seemed to take my mind off the pain, for that brief moment anyway. And it felt fucking awesome. The picture was so clear, it freaked me out.

The bathroom had the best view, figures eh? It was handtiled all the friggin way up the walls and including the floor.FUCKER was cold in the winter...radiator heat and all. But when the sound of the ball meeting the bat came through that echoed around that cold little room...fuck I loved that sound. The crowd lifted my soul when it was one of the homeboys that hit it.

And so, I spent the afternoon tripping down memory lane, thanks to modern science and a great mind control thang going on. Because the drugs just take the edge of it. To make it go away, I went somewhere else.

I loved it.

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Gary F. said...

It was as if I could feel your pain while I read your post. It must be frustrating.
What a wonderful memory of Fenway Park. Thanks for sharing! I'd like to see Fenway in person.
Are you in any fantasy baseball leagues this season?

dusty said...

I have lost count..but I think I am in five. 3 sportsline and 2 far :)

All free..I ain't good enough to play for money :P

Some days, it just don't pay to wake up..this was one of them. Tomorrow better be higher on the scale :)

Gary said...

I hope you are ok.
How are you handling the pain?
I'm concerned and wishing you well.

dusty said...

The pain is rolling back to its usual level..thanks for asking Gary :)