Tuesday, January 09, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Tony Qwynn and Cal Ripken get in the HOF

Big Mac did not. See the voting..if you care...here.

Damn near unanimous for these two. My Tony..is my chest puffed up or what people? And Cal, I watched him play for a few years when I lived in MD. Ironman Ripken.

But Goose didn't make it in. Damn it all.

I got my second epidural today..technically, I got two for the love of god. I will be sleeping most of today away. Have a good day my dear reader.

6 people gave us their .02 cents:

Bruce said...

I've had my say on Mac. Otherwise, congrats to Gwynn and Ripken.

Jenn said...

Why are you having epidural's?

dusty said...

I answered you on your blog Jenn :) good to see you posting again. hope your life is going well my sweet friend.

B..I know your feelings on Big Mac and you know mine as well.

Seamus said...

Why epidural - back????

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Kurt said...

aww dusty, i hope the back starts feeling at least "not so bad".
and both those guys that got in deserved it.
As far as Mac goes, he was a one-trick pony that hit balls as far as anyone I ever saw. I even made sure to get to the park to watch BP when he was with the As coming to Texas. But he didn't hit for average, struck out a ton and couldn't field very well. And those arguments could be made without or without the 'roid thing. So, I say leave him out on baseball reasons.
Goose? tough one. I was a HUGE NYY fan back in the day. He was unbelievable for a time, but I think the Hall is for someone like Rivera, who has been able to sustain his level for a very long time. I'd have to look at Goose's numbers again.
Don't you love Barry getting outted for speed? Jerk.

dusty said...

Barroid and speed..fabulous! If people don't realize what an a-hole he is now..they never will, Good to see you Kurt :)

Seamus, yeah da back..