Sunday, January 21, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

The best football sunday of the year is here.

The best because its two games, unlike the Superbowl..I am going for New Orleans even though they will most likely get crushed in the cold of Chicago. Dome teams suck this time of year when they have to deal with the weather.

In the AFC..I don't give a shit. With the Chargers out of it..does it friggin matter? I guess I do harbor hope that Brady will take one up the ass as some point during the game. I just want a good game..a reason to stay anything but sober all day...and then we all get to sit around and wait two freaking weeks for the finale...can you say fuckwitted?

Enjoy your best football sunday of the season folks..its going to be interesting.

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S. R. said...

Sounds like good games although I won't be able to watch them too much today.
: (

dusty said...

Aw shit have to work? I am sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Go Colts!!!!

like I give a shitzville anyway, after it ended with ND...



Howard Owens said...

There's still a football season going on ....???

dusty said...

Howard..don't be silly. Of course there is.