Saturday, May 16, 2009 | By: Dusty Taylor

Today's interesting sports happenings..

Holy fuckamoly..what was Lackey thinking when his first pitch blew past the batter's back and the second pitch hit the batter? The ump thinks he knows..

The umpire tossed his ass after the second pitch.

On the horseracing front..the filly Rachel Alexandra beats all the boys by a length. Last filly to beat the boys in the Preakness was in...wait for it..1924.

Her jockey was none other than Calvin Borel, which is a trip unto itself as he won the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago riding Mine that Bird, who btw came in second today after coming from last place. Calvin is the first jockey to ever do that. So he could win the triple crown..but there will not be a horse that can do it this year..strange eh?

Tomorrow is D-day for four basketball teams- Houston/Lakers and Orlando/Boston. I am rooting for Boston and against the Lakers tomorrow.

My hope is the Cav's will be the reining champs of the NBA. Long live King James!

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