Friday, May 22, 2009 | By: Dusty Taylor

Long live the King! Lebron saves the game.

Lebron James showed why he is The King tonight. His only 3-pointer that went in was at the final buzzer.

Cav's actually didn't lead in any category for most of the game. Cleveland scored more points in the first quarter and never led in that category for the rest of the game.

Orlando is a better 'team' as far as spreading the points around. Cav's depend on Lebron. Both games were decided by a point..that's freaking it..

You can't win a series if only one guy is the go-to guy in fucking roundball. It's a team sport for a fucking reason.

Orlando got more points out of their bench than Cleveland even dreamed of. 26 vs 14 for the Cav's. Boxscore here.

It isn't going to be a slam dunk for the Cav's. I think this might go seven..but I could be wrong. ;)

But remember this..only two players have scored more points in the first two games of the division championship than Lebron's 84..Jerry West and Rick Barry. And it was a helluva long time ago. Tonite he had 35 points. (I think..long evening folks)

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