Thursday, July 17, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Its not looking good for The Rocket..

The more he protests the worse it gets for Roger Clemens. First Clemens pulled the big 60 Minutes interview out of his ass and then filed a defamation lawsuit against Brian McNamee.

Then Andy Pettite came clean that yes he indeed use performance-enhancing drugs, which validated half of what McNamee had claimed. Why would McNamee lie about one guy and not the other? Its a logical conclusion to say he didn't. When Andy also testified that he had spoken to Clemens about both of their use of performance-enhancing drugs that also solidified McNamee's claims.

Then Roger said he had no knowledge of McNamee's dealing in HGH. It was then discovered that McNamee had indeed shot up Rogers wife with the stuff. Roger claimed he forgot about that..Then there was the party at Jose Canseco's house that Clemens swore he never attended..that is until some pictures were produced from that fateful evening of..yes, Roger Clemens in attendance.

Now, Kurt Radomski has produced a little physical evidence. A receipt for a shipment of HGH that was sent directly to Clemen's house. From the ESPN writeup:

Convicted steroid distributor Kirk Radomski told that while he was moving a broken television off a dresser in the bedroom of his Long Island home last Sunday night, he found a shipping receipt for human growth hormone that he claims to have sent to Clemens' Houston home in 2002 or 2003. Radomski said he found that receipt, along with "seven or eight others" for shipments to other baseball players, under the TV.

"My TV broke and I said, 'Damn, I got to get it off the dresser,'" Radomski said Wednesday. "And it was right there."

Radomski said he turned the evidence over to federal authorities on Monday.

This surely can't help ole Roger..and frankly I could give a shit about the guy. He and Barroid Bonds can perhaps share a cell in federal prison? It could happen ya know... ;)

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