Sunday, July 20, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Greg Norman..did he choke or was it just age that did him in?

I really want to know..which was it? SC mused tonight it was just age and his body letting him down, but I dunno..

Hasn't Norman choked in some serious majors in the past? The Times of England was fairly mean in their headline: Losing proves hard habit for Greg Norman to break.

It was hard to watch him sink to third after a great week. Broke my heart..

To be fair, Harrington has a stellar round. From

But when he had to make a birdie, Harrington made two, and an eagle, going four-under on his last six holes to shoot 69 and win the 137th British Open by four strokes over Ian Poulter (69).

"This year is more satisfying," said Harrington, who becomes the second player in the last four years and the 16th player overall to successfully defend his title. "You know, to go out there and shoot 69 in that last round, I don't think — if you had offered it to me last night I certainly would have taken it. It's the first time that I was in the last group of a major tournament on Sunday. So it's a different pressure, it's a different stress, and I'm delighted I managed it."

Norman, in the end, was bested by a better, younger player. sigh...

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