Saturday, July 05, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

43 freaking hits? wtf gents?

(scoreboard for another memorable Rockie night..this time with the Padres) What the hell was that shit in Coors the other night? I know Coors is slugger friendly but my Gawd that was nasty. Nine runs down and its still not over..damn. According to Sportsline:

The last time two teams combined for this many runs was May 19, 1999, also at Coors Field, when the Cincinnati Reds roughed up the Rockies 24-12.

It wasn't a fun night for defense, thats for sure. In other news..the Padres helped the damn Dodgers last night..beating the D-backs handily. Peavy is going today..come on darlin..I got you in my lineup. Last time Peavy was up against Brandon Webb..Brandon came out with the win. In our lousy division someone needs to get to freaking 500..come on!

Boston-Yank$ game getting ready to start..Go BoSox!!!

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