Monday, April 28, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball's worst free agent signings evah!

For an interesting MLB read, check out Jon Heyman's column. I don't agree with the order, but I do agree all these teams got hosed..Here are his top five:

1. Hampton, $121 million, Rockies (and Braves). The deals for him and Denny Neagle ($55 million, five years) set the Rockies back five years. On the other hand, the complicated trade to send him away and get the Rockies on the path to the World Series was a stroke of genius. The Braves, who got him from the Marlins in November 2002, two days after Colorado dumped him, are known for wise pitching decisions, but this has to be their worst.

2. Carl Pavano, $40 million, four (long) years, Yankees. Never really looked interested. Changed agents more times than he actually pitched.

3. Albert Belle, $65 million, five years, Orioles. Brought surly mood, diminished power and bad hip to Peter Angelos' brand of bad baseball.

4. Chan Ho Park, $65 million, five years, Rangers. Poor Tom Hicks. Or should I say, rich Tom Hicks. Park showed up without much zip on his pitches, then delivered almost zip for the money.

5. Jason Giambi, $120 million, seven years, Yankees. He apologized for who knows what but hasn't yet apologized for taking all this money, which is, of course, obscene. He's still got $26 million to go in this the final year alone, assuming the Yankees decline the option year for a measly $5 mil.

My personal favorite Kevin Brown is on the list too..Dodgers got hosed in that one..big time :)

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