Friday, April 11, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball and other things..

I am still watching my Padres..lose.

But I know it's a long-assed season..and for that I am thankful. As for the entire MLB: their collective bargaining agreement with regard to roids and other no-no's. From MLB's press release, the policy changes are as follows:

1. Increased Independence - the Independent Program Administrator ("IPA") is appointed for a multiyear term and can be removed only in very narrow circumstances.

2. Increased Transparency - the IPA will annually and publicly report key statistics related to the program and record retention requirements will be lengthened.

3. Testing - 600 additional tests will be conducted each year and the number of off-season tests will double on average.

4. Flexibility - the agreement institutionalizes an annual review process to allow the parties to respond to new developments.

5. Education - the IPA, in consultation with the parties, will develop an annual mandatory education program for players.

6. Amateur Draft - Baseball's testing program will be expanded to cover top prospects.

Is it good..of course..does it make any difference..hard to say..desperate men use desperate measures.

And about the other things in life..they suck at the moment. The Workers Compensation thing is driving me insane..literally and figuratively. WTF is it with these people..the xrays and MRI's don't fucking lie..its a screwed up back on lots of levels..I am tired of living on muscle relaxers, vitamin C and pain paraphrase a line from the Grateful Dead.

But we have baseball for moi and the ball and chain tonight..on the big screen. Dodgers and Padres again..with Peavy and the big guy Penny going for the Dodgers tonight and the weekend. We will try to watch it together..if either team starts stinking up the joint..we retire to opposite rooms so we can root or bitch in private.

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