Saturday, March 08, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Listening to Spring Training on the Radio

It takes me back to being a young girl and sitting with my Dad around the radio. Being fixated on that little box with the lousy reception many times.

But today, I sat outside in the warm SoCal sun and I listened to Internet Radio, courtesy of It's not free..nothing is with those bastards..but the quality was good and there were plenty of commercials to get up and get something to eat or drink.

I laid back in my chair and listened to the Rangers announcers talk about the 'up and comers' that were invited to participate, some of the names ringing a bell or two. Bakersfield has the single A farm team for the Rangers. The stadium is right down the street from where I live. They are called the Bakersfield Blaze. They suck pretty much but hey..its local baseball.

My Padres beat them..9-5. It was a good day for the old man Greg Maddux who got the win. I remember when Greg would come to Qualcomm as a Brave..he never could win in that stadium ;) It was a split-squad game, so plenty of the Padres A ball players got to show what they had today too.

I don't mind listening to the games on the radio. But I do hope to see a couple of them via streaming video from the Peoria complex. It's a nice place, been there a few times when I lived in AZ years ago. All Spring Training facilities are small venues, but Peoria is considered the largest of all the Cactus League venues..which is great. Reminds me of seeing a good music set in a bar..upclose and personal ya know? The real cozy one is the Giants facility in Scottsdale. That is also the oldest I believe.

God I love baseball.

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