Wednesday, March 12, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

I used to root for this man..

I always thought John Daly had personal demons that didn't really tell us how good a human being he really is. I know what it's like to deal with a loved one that can not walk away from their addiction to alcohol.

But now..hell..Daly is a jerkwad..and a sad pathetic excuse for a human being. Not because he can't overcome his addiction to alcohol, or he likes women and their breasts..just that he is a jerk and a shell of his former self who refuses to deal with an addiction that can kill him and should end his career and ability to make money from that career. From a recent writeup about him on MSNBC:

Alas, John Daly has become Blutarsky, only without the dignity. What he has done with his career is the sports equivalent of stuffing his face with food and then slamming his cheeks with his hands to simulate the popping of a pimple.

Recently Butch Harmon, the esteemed swing guru who has worked with many of the game's greatest players — including Tiger Woods — washed his hands of Daly. Harmon told the Associated Press: "My whole goal for him was he's got to show me golf is the most important thing in his life. And the most important thing in his life is getting drunk."

If you read the entire article..people are ripping Butch Harmon for going public with his thoughts about Daly..I say..Good on ya Butch..let the world know that feeling sympathy for John Daly is just a worthless endeavor.

Daly has tried to break his addiction to alcohol more times than I can remember. But that many chances does one get? Five..ten? He has the money and the resources to tackle this horrible demon. Another piece from the writeup:

Harmon is being ripped in some quarters because he had the audacity to say out loud what everybody has known for years now: Daly is out of control, and he likes it.

Harmon went off after Daly spent a rain delay at a recent tournament working on his swing inside the Hooters corporate tent at the 17th green. Apparently, everyone was swinging in there. When the rain stopped, Daly had Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden caddying for him, which I guess is preferable to Daly serving as a coach for Gruden. Daly finished that first round with a 77, then he shot himself out of the tournament with an 80 in the second round.

One day after Harmon's rant, Daly tossed more moonshine on the fire by missing his pro-am tee time at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and was disqualified from the tournament. That's Arnold Palmer, as in the most distinguished golfer walking the earth, whose namesake event a troubled entrant disgraces at his own peril.

I just can't stand up for Daly any longer. He isn't worth my time or my support frankly. I hope he eventually finds the will to conquer his demons..but I am not betting on it..nope. This part says it all, for me at least:

He gets into tournaments now via sponsor exemptions, because he no longer has his full PGA Tour card. Sponsors want him at their events because he not only is a disaster magnet, he also attracts fans who revel in his trailer park charm and sympathize with his working class woes. They seek out photos with him and get autographs from him so they can say they once touched someone who once touched greatness.

Farewell Mr. Daly..I am sure you will manage to find a way to play a sport you love..I just don't think your a human being I need to feel sorry for any longer. Perhaps if you actually hit the bottom and had to live under a fucking MIGHT realize how much damage you do to yourself and those that care about you. The fact that people and sponsors enable you doesn't help you deal with your disease..and I doubt you ever will.

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