Tuesday, February 01, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor
My whole reason for being has been challenged. Not by anything earth shattering..just my husband. That simple minded whack job actually thinks I was put on this earth to cook his meals..above ALL else. Can you friggin believe it? I can't. I do believe I told him prior to marriage that cooking is a hobby. Hobbies are something you do when you want to..not when you HAVE to. Its a pain in my behind to figure out something each and every friggin nite. Plus if I am working long hours that day..the LAST thing I want to worry about is his stomach "growling". So eat something jackass, leave me the hell alone. I think this huge report that is due by 7am is a hell of alot more important than your lack of nutrition. Speaking of which..he could miss a few meals and no one would notice. The man hasnt seen his feet in years. Bear in mind that the hardest thing this man does all day is sit in a bar and tell lies with his cronies..whilst I am working feverishly to produce a paycheck. He is retired so I cant blame him for parking his tush on a barstool for hours..and he usually drinks iced tea, but still....MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING DIN DIN OLD MAN! McDonalds is right down the street and open till at least 11 pm. LEAVE ME ALONE! OR better yet..the kitchen is more than just a large refrigerator full of precooked food that you pass through on your way to the bathroom..it contains a friggin stove and oven...learn how to use them! If all else fails..the microwave works and most food items take less than 2 minutes to cook hot enough to burn the roof of your everloving mouth. If god wanted me to cook all your friggin meals, he wouldnt of given me a damn job outside the house..wait..that was YOU that talked me into a real job..ok..its YOUR fault buddy..deal with it! Cook or starve..its up to you :)

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Crystal said...

You said it, sista! I've got mine trained to fend for himself or starve. :)