Sunday, May 25, 2008 | By: Dusty Taylor

Something for the Indy 500...

A sweet blogger bud of mine, Robert, created the following song and video for the radio gents known as Bob and Tom 14 years ago. It was on one of their albums too! Robert is a resident of Indiana and its quite apropos for today. From his post on this song:

Way back in 1985 I wrote a parody of David Lee Roth’s version of “Just a Gigolo” for the Bob and Tom Show. It was about getting stuck in the heavy traffic on the way to the Indianapolis 500. The song appeared on Bob and Tom’s first charity project, “Bob and Tom’s White Album“. From that point forward, the song became a staple in the Indianapolis region during the month of May. I still recall driving to the race one morning and hearing the song on the radio while I looked around at other drivers singing along with my song. A great memory for me.

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