Sunday, January 30, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Moments in Time

Ok..I have noticed that a lot of folks like to put up something about themselves..So here goes..I am an old bitch from Ocean Beach CA that is now landlocked and hating it. I escape at least one week out of each month to San Diego CA so that I can recharge my batteries. My husband doesn't like it, but what the hell is he going to do about it? I think secretly he likes the time away from me which is great by me. After having been married to two losers I swore off marriage, but the current spouse wouldn't take no for an answer, so screw it I married him..his tuff luck LOL. I spend endless time on the internet when I have nothing better to seems to run in cycles. My only child, a 25 year old male lives w/us. this fact pisses me off, but like I said, hes my only child and i raised him alone. I move a lot, although I have been here for almost three years now..jesus, time to look for a new spot don't ya think? anyways..I work when I feel like it for major companies analyzing their customer service and/or employees in general. I like that I only have to work two weeks out of the month to pay those credit cards bills that never seem to go down, plus it gets me out of town like I said..I have lived from San Francisco to San Diego and alot of spots inbetween here in Cali..on the east coast I have lived in Boston(i love that city), Mclean VA, Georgia and Arizona twice. I think happiness is overated and what you really need to make it through life is a warped sense of humor and a nice cocktail on occasion. Motherhood is a lifelong job and one that i really dont enjoy, but i love my son and would do anything for him..well almost anything. I figured I had raised him right, but found out that was just an illusion. I am always looking for the rainbow but all i find is the rain..and i hate rain. I enjoy the company of friends that can tolerate my loud obnoxious side. I feed stray animals and take animals from people that abuse them. My cat and dog food bill is killing me, but there is very little i can do about it so long as no one nueters their pets and then dumps them. I speak my mind inspite of the outcome, I am not shy by any stretch of the imagination. Most people think i am a major pain in the ass but worth the effort most of the time. I am compassionate and at the same time I am blunt. I wish that life was easy but then what the hell would i have to bitch about?

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